Making sites with a guarantee

which will help you:

1. Better present your product or service.
2. Increase sales and monitor customer behavior.
3. Increase confidence in the customer.
4. Professional presentation.

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State University

New Hospitals

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Silk Development

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Ocean Capital


Thalassa group


Aria Spa Resort

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Grande Group

Prime class construction

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Winemaking Shumi

Golden Eye Festival


Ladgate Investment

Veloix Capital

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Our terms

You pay after the site is finished
will teach you how to manage the site
Free one-year technical support
You will be involved in the design part of the manufacturing process
We are officially preparing the site under the contract
We also accept payments in cryptocurrency
We also prepare websites with installments from TBC Bank
We do not cooperate with casinos!

Site creation includes:

domain registration

The same web address as the domain: name selection, registration and connection to the website.

Hosting registration

Cloud hosting: fast web server selection, registration, technical debugging, web site uploading, technical support and updates.

management system

Where you can independently: add, edit, delete text, image, video.

protection system

You will prevent the site from becoming infected, hacking, and other problems common on the Internet.

Create a backup copy

In case of viruses or hacking of the site or hosting, you will have a daily updated copy of the website by email.

Fast loading

With a combination of properly selected hosting, technical maintenance and light design, your site will load quickly.

Adapt to mobile

In creating websites, it is important to be able to use all devices: mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop.

web design

Modern, light and user experience-oriented UX design is also important in creating websites.

Marketing code

Integration of marketing tools Facebook pixel and Google Analytics code to help track user activity on the site.

Who needs a website?

In today's digital age, having a website is essential for most businesses to succeed. Here is a list of industries that can greatly benefit from a website:
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Service based business
  • tourism
  • healthcare
  • Education
  • real estate
  • Banking and Finance
  • entertainment and media
  • Sports and fitness
  • Non-profit and non-governmental organization
  • Gastronomy
  • Professional service
  • Construction and architecture
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Production and distribution
  • Technology and software
  • auto industry
  • State and public services
  • Agriculture and farming
These are just a few examples of industries that can benefit from a web site. In today's digital world, a website is an important part of any business strategy, regardless of industry.

Ready Webs

online shop

Real estate agency / development company


საიტების დამზადება ავტომობილების ყიდვა გაყიდვა

Buying / selling cars

საიტების დამზადება პატარა სასტუმრო


საიტების დამზადება ავტომობილების გაქირავება

Car rental

საიტების დამზადება კლინიკა


საიტების დამზადება წიგნების მაღაზია

book Shop


Spa center

Updating sites

If your site is running slow, you're tired of the old design or it doesn't have the features you want.
საიტების დამზადებაoldnewსაიტების დამზადება

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to make a site?

The cost of creating a site is calculated individually depending on the functions and complexity of the web site.

When do we pay?

You pay only after the website is made.

Apart from the one-time cost of creating the site, what are the other costs?

Domain same web address eg: payable per year - 32 GEL
and hosting - the same web service per month - 30 GEL.

How long does it take to make a site?

Depends on the complexity, category and function of the site. Average terms are: from three weeks to one month.

Can I make changes to the finished site myself?

Yes, you will be able to: Add, edit, delete images, text, videos, products.

What technology is used to make the site?

It depends on the project: it is made with both code and CMS, i.e. a ready-made engine. For example WordPress

What category and complexity of sites do you prepare?

We can make a site of any complexity. Categories are: online store, construction development, tourism, online courses, real estate buying and selling, online: magazine-blog-news-article.

Completed project

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