Creating a web site - ways to make it easier

In this article, we will discuss how to make your website easier for users to find information and how to satisfy their needs.

We'll discuss the best ways to improve your site, from simple and easy-to-understand navigation to the importance of creating a consistent plan.

We will explain how well-organized content can make your website more effective.

Let's first consider what navigation is, it is a kind of guide for the visitor when entering the website for the first time, good navigation means managing the website, (planning) taking into account the needs of the visitors.

If you have a shop like a bakery, you start thinking about the right grouping of the manufactured products. 

For example: larger cakes and pies may be grouped together, and croissants and small cupcakes separately.

ვებ საიტის დამზადება - გამარტივების ხერხები

With a similar principle, you will be able to group the manufactured products on the site, in your virtual store, and take into account the main menu.

which will provide the visitor with information about the product in each sector, just like the signs (signs) in a real store.

ვებ საიტის დამზადება - გამარტივების ხერხები

Even with these points in mind, your site won't be perfect for everyone.

ვებ საიტის დამზადება - გამარტივების ხერხები

Therefore, it would be good to add a search box, especially when the website consists of many pages and products.

Place the search box in the same place on every page of your site. This will make it easier to search, saving visitors time and getting them the results they want faster.

ვებ საიტის დამზადება - გამარტივების ხერხები

The last point that should be considered in navigation is the expectation of visitors for universal navigation of all web sites.

Let's say you're browsing the site and want to return to the home page, what do you do? You press the logo, right?

This will be expected by the visitor and it should be common to all web sites. Make sure the logo is prominently displayed on every page and clicks on it to take the visitor to the home page.

Now let's talk about the style and principles of operation of your site.

Despite the fact that everyone has different tastes, there are general recommendations that you should keep in mind.

First, define a web site plan, it should be decorated with similar fonts, images and other design elements compatible with your site.

When choosing a color, you can choose dark colors to draw attention, but most people are used to reading text in a dark font on a white background.

When choosing the background for the content of the site, do not use too bright colors, so that the eyes of the visitor are not cut off while reading.

You also need to consider where your content should end on each page, because people shouldn't have to scroll the page long to see an important product.

ვებ საიტის დამზადება - გამარტივების ხერხები

Use headers and bullet points to help the visitor quickly scan the pages and decide if it's worth staying on the page and wasting time.

ვებ საიტის დამზადება - გამარტივების ხერხები

Write in plain language for your audience, because the audience is not a team of qualified technicians.

Do you want other recommendations? - call the user to action

Do you want them to pick up the phone and call you? - Then, call him! "call now". 

ვებ საიტის დამზადება - გამარტივების ხერხები

Do you hope that they will visit you? - indicate: "Get directions to our store

or "Buy now"In order to make a purchase by invitation.

ვებ საიტის დამზადება - გამარტივების ხერხები

To summarize the website design: When you create a website, make every effort to be easy to use. Give visitors a real guide to the pages of the site, keep a similar design on all pages, write content in a language they understand and help them get the desired result.

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