Advertising in Google - Search Engine Marketing - Part 2

Search engine marketing is one of the best ways to show your ad to potential customers at the right time and place when they are looking for your product or service.

Search engine marketing is based on an auction system. In this article, we'll discuss how the auction works and see examples that will help you make better use of the search engine for your business.

Let's start by looking for a service. for example: "Wedding photo services“.

რეკლამა გუგლში - საძიებო სისტემის მარკეტინგი - Part 2

Look at the search engine results page. In the middle you will see an organic listing which is free.

რეკლამა გუგლში - საძიებო სისტემის მარკეტინგი - Part 2

At the top you will see ads.

რეკლამა გუგლში - საძიებო სისტემის მარკეტინგი - Part 2

The search engine limits the number of ads that appear on the results page.

რეკლამა გუგლში - საძიებო სისტემის მარკეტინგი - Part 2

Therefore, the advertiser engages in the auction to occupy advanced positions.

რეკლამა გუგლში - საძიებო სისტემის მარკეტინგი - Part 2

when you look forWedding photo services", you see the results of the auction.

Ads that win the auction will appear in a more desirable location on the results page – usually this means near the top of the page, while the rest of the ads will appear relatively to the bottom of the page.

You may be wondering how the search engine auction works. Similar to how most auctions work. You bet "Bid" (Bid) and you win in the end when you bet more than other participants.

But placing a bet alone is not enough. In the search engine marketing auction, the relevance of the ad is crucial.

So good luck search engine In the marketing auction, it means placing a competitive bet and also making your ad relevant.

Considering both factors is a recipe for success in search engine marketing.

Let's look at both factors, starting with the bet.

Let's say you are ready to pay 1 GEL, When someone Googles your ad after they search for "wedding photography services".

This price is called your maximum payment per ad click, or Max CPCof (maximum cost per click) .

If your competitor only pays the maximum fee per click, for example: 0.50 for white, you will have a high stake, which gives you priority in the auction.

Note: Businesses may change theirs Max CPC any time. So you should monitor your bets regularly to make sure you are getting the results you want.

As I mentioned above, this auction is more than just placing a bet. Another important factor is the relevance of the ad.

This is the measure that is usually evaluated From 1 to 10 Based on how relevant your ad is to what people are looking for on Google.

Search engines: Google and Bing The measure is referred to as a quality score (Quality Score).

For example: If someone searches for "Wedding photo services” and the title of your ad is wedding photo services in Tbilisi, the search engine may find your ad in Google highly relevant.

And that means you might get high Quality Score.

However, if your ad title is wedding services in Tbilisi, both ads on Google are about weddings, but this title is less relevant because it describes a general wedding service instead of a wedding photography service. In this case, your ad in Google will be less relevant, and you will have a lower rank Quality Score.

რეკლამა გუგლში - საძიებო სისტემის მარკეტინგი - Part 2

When two competing businesses have equal bids, the one with the higher ranking will appear higher on the search engine results page Quality Score.

One of the best ways to improve your search engine marketing results is to check your ad campaigns frequently to find better ways to make them more relevant.

The price you are willing to pay per ad click (Max CPC) and your quality score (Quality Score) are the main factors that determine the place of your business on the search engine results page.

Let us consider the following scenario as an example.

Let's say two different businesses X and Y  have to compete with each other for the same words"Wedding photo serviceson ".

X has placed a bet of 4 lakhs, but his ad is considered less relevant, 3 points out of 10. Y bet 3 GEL and his relevance is full 10 points. 

If we look carefully, we can use this information to predict what will happen at the auction.

რეკლამა გუგლში - საძიებო სისტემის მარკეტინგი - Part 2

X-'s auction score - which Ad rank is called 12 (4 is multiplied by 3). Yis the auction score of 30 (3×10) , despite its low stakes.

რეკლამა გუგლში - საძიებო სისტემის მარკეტინგი - Part 2

what does this mean? Even though Y's bid was much lower than X's bid, Y's ad won the auction and it got a higher search engine page position than X.

რეკლამა გუგლში - საძიებო სისტემის მარკეტინგი - Part 2

There are other minor factors. As you can see you can't just buy a place in the top positions of the results page. This ensures that relevant ads win the auction, rather than ads that simply have high stakes.

If your ad lacks relevance and low Quality Score It will be difficult for you to compete.
If the relevance is too low, the search engine will not show your ad at all.

To improve results, focus on improving the relevance of all ads.
Make sure your ads always match the phrases and words people are searching for. 

By doing this, you can win better positions for your ads without paying more. 

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