What is remarketing and how does it work?

Remarketing is one of the most powerful digital advertising tools that allows you to take advantage of the activities performed by visitors to your website. Even after they leave your website, you can make them special ad targets.

I will explain the remarketing strategy and help you decide how much remarketing is necessary for your digital strategy.

Consider an example: a potential customer accidentally stumbles upon your website while searching for a new song. 

რემარკეტინგი #1

 He got interested and decided to subscribe to the website

რემარკეტინგი 2

But the process was suddenly interrupted by a phone call, diverting his attention.

რემარკეტინგი 3

As a result, he left the website before subscribing and may even have forgotten it existed.

რემარკეტინგი #4

Found a site with similar content while searching and subscribed.

რემარკეტინგი #5

Remember! The first and most important step in remarketing is to correctly define the target audience.

რემარკეტინგი #6

We offer remarketing on Facebook and Google 

რემარკეტინგი #7

First, determine who will be included in your audience of potential customers.

რემარკეტინგი #8

We also define the target audience as people who started to fill out the subscription form on your website, but did not complete the process.

რემარკეტინგი #9

Remarketing service needs web page Coding or integration with a web-analytics mechanism, through which we will collect visitors from your website that fully meet the existing criteria.

This list is not a list of specific people with general personal information such as their personal identification: first name, last name or email address. 

This is an anonymous remarketing list Users who meet the criteria you provide will be “remarketed” to through ads.

Once you've defined your target audience, any random visitors who become interested and start the subscription process, even if they don't complete, will still be added to the defined lead list.

We will then take care of creating targeted ads for that specific group.

These ads will do the job well because you already know that any visitor who sees your ads has already started the process of subscribing to your website. 

So we will include in the advertisement special offers for potential customers, for example: a gift for signing up.

and other incentives designed to bring them back to the website. Also to unsubscribe.

By launching a special advertising campaign for those on the remarketing list, we can deliver the main message to the potential customer even after they leave the site.

As a result, they will see one of your ads, even on another website, which will lead them to come back and complete the registration.

Once a targeted audience subscribes to a web page, there is no need to display subscription-inducing ads to that specific group.

A new remarketing list will be created for them with different messages for existing subscribers.

We target users with various advertising campaigns to make them want to discover all the digital records on the website.

Remarketing tracks visitor interactions on your website and creates audiences based on interests.

This allows you to create customized ads for them to bring users back to your website.
It will perform the specific actions you want.

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