Creating a website - the basic ingredients

In this article, we'll discuss some important initial decisions you'll need to make before building a website, such as selecting a name and organizing your site. 

Your goal is to simplify the search process for the user and easily provide the information that interests him.

Let's first consider domain That is, what the user types in the browser to find the site.

When selecting a domain, the availability of the web address you want is checked.

For example: there can be only one "deliciousbakery.Ge" and if it is busy, you can no longer use it.

How to find out if the desired domain is free? For this you need to find a domain registrar, we recommend it  Domenebi.ges. Here you can check if someone is using your desired domain.

A good domain is one that the user can easily remember. Try to make the chosen name short, relevant and as close to the goal as possible.

You will get the desired domain options with different endings. The name will be placed at the end of the domain.

You probably know the most common .GE or .COM.GE endings, you may also find other available or more suitable options, for example: educational institutions use EDU.GEs.

and if "Delicious bakery.GE" busy "deliciousbakery.COM.GE” may still be available.

When the domain is already selected, we move on to consider other necessary details of the website. We start with the first or main page. 

On the home page, you invite people and provide general information about your business. It also guides visitors through the navigation on the site.

Navigation can be placed at the top of the page. In other words, it is a menu that allows the visitor to move from one part of the site to another.

Site management is very important. Take a look at the websites you visit frequently and see how each one is organized.

Then decide what kind of information (content) you want to offer to the user.

ვებ საიტის დამზადება - ძირითადი ინგრედიენტები

Group them strategically.

ვებ საიტის დამზადება - ძირითადი ინგრედიენტები

Which one is easy to start with? Pages you see frequently on other websites. for example: "About" or "Contact"'s pages.

A website's contact page may include: address, phone number, email, and a map of directions.

ვებ საიტის დამზადება - ძირითადი ინგრედიენტები

 An "About Us" page may provide a history of the establishment of your business and include photos from the creative archive.

ვებ საიტის დამზადება - ძირითადი ინგრედიენტები

You can imagine yourself in the place of the user to determine what he is looking for, for what purpose he will come to your site and how much information you need to provide.

Now you want to set up individual details for visitors. Very easy to find the information you need. For example: bakery working hours.

ვებ საიტის დამზადება - ძირითადი ინგრედიენტები

Or accomplishing some important goal, for example: placing an online order.

ვებ საიტის დამზადება - ძირითადი ინგრედიენტები

Let's check what users will see when they enter the website:

Initially, the navigation indicator, where there will be "About Us", "Contact" information and other pages.

Navigation should be visible on every page of the website, so that the visitor can always determine the desired direction. 

Of course, there will also be words, texts, headings and other content on the site.

ვებ საიტის დამზადება - ძირითადი ინგრედიენტები

There can also be pictures and videos.

ვებ საიტის დამზადება - ძირითადი ინგრედიენტები

Texts and images may contain links that redirect the visitor to another website or internal page.

You can also add frequently asked questions (FAQ), direction indicator map or shopping carts to purchase the product.

Let's summarize: You need to create a website to communicate directly with the customer. Choosing a site name, strategically managing it, and customizing your web design and navigation will help your customers find what they are visiting your website for.

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